Regional roots. Regional passion.

WOOF Media has been serving the regional tourism industry since 2001 with the production and support of high-quality marketing services for regional destinations and tourism businesses in Australia.

Founded and headquartered in beautiful coastal Port Lincoln, South Australia, our distributed team can be found in Adelaide, South Australia as well as sunny South East Queensland and a "little" further north in Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada.

We believe these three things to be true

  1. Every regional destination has a unique story to tell.
  2. Quality marketing support exists beyond city limits.
  3. Collaboration with passion will win. Every time.

Values that we live by

Chances are, if these values are important to you, then we'll get along like the proverbial house on fire.

Honest Relationships

Integrity, respect, honesty. These are principles to which we hold ourselves accountable, to each other and to our clients. If we ever fall short we'll be the first to admit it, learn from it, and make sure we do better.

Belonging and Safety

Trust and focus on the good. We embrace the unique perspectives our people and our clients bring to the table. We never assume the worst and will always take a glass half full approach to every situation.

Pride in Our Work

Delivering 'just good enough' is not an acceptable outcome for us. We believe you deserve our best and we hold ourselves accountable to produce the best work possible within the budget you have available.

Innovation and Creativity

The status quo can be cosy and comfortable, but meaningful change will remain elusive if you stay there. We do our best work alongside those who want to explore creative, positive change in their business or destination.

Meet our team

What ignites us is the opportunity to partner with passionate, motivated tourism industry members who want to attract and support the right visitors for their region.

We're a digital-enabled, location independent team so as long as you're passionate about tourism and you have a phone and an internet connection, we'd love to hear from you.

Peter Freeman

Managing Director

Narelle Crack

Director - Finance and Operations

Amelia Hall Boehm

Account Director

Holly Marshall

Content Marketing Manager

Chelsea Meaney

Senior Designer - Publishing

LeeLee West

Senior Designer - Branding and Illustration

Stephanie Scherz

Web Developer - Design/Frontend

Dan Rosborough

Web Developer - Systems and Integrations

Join our team

Are you the talent we need?

We place so much emphasis on relationship building, especially as a distributed team with clients everywhere. We still make face-to-face catch ups happen whenever possible because we know how valuable they are in a global marketplace where a connected-yet-apart life is more common than it once was.
Peter Freeman, Managing Director | WOOF Media