Brand Strategy, Logo Design and Brand Support

As we say endlessly: 'Your brand is the entire visitor experience'. It's not just a logo, a font, or colours, or a catchphrase. It's the sum total of the sense of place and resulting expression of that place to visitors and locals alike.

  • Everything that is seen (logo, social media, emails, brochures, uniforms, vehicles, facilities, roads into your region, airport)

  • Everything that is heard (calling the visitor centre, overhearing locals talking about their home, radio and television ads, influencer stories on social media)

  • Everyone they meet in your region - the locals, the ambassadors (and yes, even the detractors and naysayers who can damage a brand with just a few misplaced words)

  • The five-sense immersion of the experiences they choose to engage in while traversing your region - the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the feelings

  • It's how they describe your region to their friends - what makes it unique, one-of-a-kind, or one-of-the-same?

Recent Destination Branding Projects

Brand Strategy Underpins It All

Undergoing a rebrand is a terrific opportunity to step back and take a holistic view of your entire destination. During the brand strategy process, we help you evaluate your strengths and uncover the stories and the unique points of differentiation that matter most to both your locals and your ideal visitors.

Through workshops, surveys and in-depth consultation, we develop a robust strategy to inform your brand identity and define your visitor experience into the future.

Having a clear picture of who and what your brand IS NOT is as important as defining who and what it IS.

Developing Your Brand's Visual Identity

This is the fun part! After the deep dive into your offering, audience and market, we develop a creative brief which instructs the design team. We include any of your stylistic preferences and work with you to refine all your visual elements until we hit the sweet spot.

And if you have a lot of internal and external stakeholders to please? Don't worry – we've got processes to gather feedback so you can keep things harmonious – and democratic – within your community.

Branding Implementation and Support

So you've successfully navigated the important process of developing your brand strategy and designing your brand's visual identity.

Now what?

We can advise and support you with the all-important rollout of your new visual identity and the content that supports it. It's important at this stage to provide locals and stakeholders with the assets they need to promote and support the brand identity that they've helped you define.

We can provide campaign support and training for you and your stakeholders in making the most of your new brand identity. Whether through content creation, website design, print and promotional material, visitor guides, banners, signage - our team is here to support you 'beyond the logo'.

How can we help?

If you value the input of professionals who love what they do and who will be fully invested in your success, then let's talk!

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