Tourism marketing services for destinations

Even when tourism is a recognised pillar of the local economy, it's a tough ask for destination organisations to attract and retain skilled marketing staff with the skills needed to create and sustain an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.

By partnering with a team like WOOF Media who have the passion and the skills to supplement your in-house marketing staff, you'll go twice as far, together.

Whether its print and digital visitor guides, easy to manage destination websites, a fresh new brand identity, or a marketing package that combines some or all of these, our team has the skills, tourism knowledge, and network of specialists to deliver quality outcomes for your destination.

WOOF Media 'get' regional and outback tourism. The Flinders Ranges & Outback region has been a beneficiary of not only their expertise but their down-to-earth approach. Through award-winning brand development (The Aussie Travel Code), production of one of the largest South Australian regional visitor guides, and recently a fresh new destination website, the team at WOOF Media have provided our region with an amazing suite of marketing assets that now inspire, educate, and support our visitors.
Jo Fort, Flinders Ranges and Outback

Visitor Guides - Print and Digital

Travellers want visitor information where they want to look - on smartphones, iPads, their laptops as well as traditional brochure and magazine racks.

With 20 years of experience producing visitor guides, we have a proven 6-stage process that delivers great results for your visitors and for your destination.

Congratulations to all involved. That [Port Lincoln Visitor Guide] is one of the most professional, comprehensive and thorough documents I have read and seen in any industry let alone the tourism industry. Well done.
Graham Marrinan, Visitor to Eyre Peninsula

Destination Websites

Your regional destination needs a website that tells your story through an information hub that inspires and engages visitors.

It must be fast and easy to use - especially on smartphones - and easy for your team to maintain.

These are the websites we create.

You were extremely responsive to the short timetable for the project and never let us feel like we were asking for too much. Banana Shire have gone from ground zero to having a modern digital strategy in place that reflects the experiences and target markets for the region.
Liz Ward, Digital Communications International

Marketing Packages

Achieving great results in marketing your region or town needs a strategic and tactical approach that meets visitors and locals 'where they are'.

Successful marketing needs great positioning and great product that can be promoted with a well-designed and visitor-centric website, an informative and attractive visitor guide, and strategic investments in proven tactics such as social media.

In my experience WOOF Media is a business that delivers high level outcomes for their clients without exception. Their regional tourism expertise, stakeholder management and production of regional visitor guides is of the highest standard.
Shaun De Bruyn, Tourism Industry Council South Australia

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