Coonawarra Experiences – Case Study

We're delighted to introduce you to Kerry and Simon Meares, the passionate local hosts behind Coonawarra Experiences. Located in one of South Australia's best wine regions, these much-loved operators provide unique guided experiences in Coonawarra and the Limestone Coast region.

Not only do Simon and Kerry deliver an exceptionally high standard of customer experience (with 200+ glowing guest reviews to prove it), but they have made it a priority to grow their tourism business with collaborative itineraries designed to benefit the wider community.

We really love how Simon and Kerry do business, so we were thrilled to partner with Coonawarra Experiences to create a full rebrand, logo and new website.

Fresh & Distinctive Brand Identity

Custom Logo Hand-Drawn by an Artist

New Website to Assist a Growing Business


At a Glance

    The Brief

    New Website

    • Easy-to-manage and easy-to-use platform with opportunities for visitor analysis

    • Showcase their location, leverage their excellent bank of testimonials

    • Clearly and appealingly conveys the experiences and inclusions of products

    • Generates sales for direct bookable products and enquiries for others

    Rebrand and Logo

    • Will work in multiple formats both online and offline, from social media to vehicles

    • Something fun and modern, possibly incorporating colour and typography

    • Represents not just Coonawarra, but also incorporates the Limestone Coast of South Australia

    • Feels authentic, friendly and approachable and conveys a premium standard of personalised service

    Getting to the Heart of the Business

    Our discovery process helps us understand our clients. We discern their priorities, get to know their customer, and define the functions the business will need. Throughout this process, we also begin to capture an idea of how to represent their brand through imagery, words and design.

    Simon and Kerry were so clear about their values, their service, and why they offer such an exceptional product. They deliver so much more than just a great holiday; their mission is to create experiences that will make their guests fall head-over-heels in love with the people, wine, food and natural beauty of the region - just like they did.

    After years enjoying Coonawarra wines in our home town, Melbourne, we decided it was time to visit and discover what made us love the wines from the Coonawarra.

    One of our visits included a day at the Coonawarra Vignerons Cup, at the stunning Penola Racecourse, where we discovered there's nothing like a summer's day at The Races. Many more visits followed, and wonderful and lifelong friendships were forged with the people of the Coonawarra.

    We were hooked on the landscape, people and their passion to work in harmony to create wines that speak of their place and reflect the character of their makers.

    We wanted to be part of this hidden gem, so we moved from the city and settled in the amazing and welcoming town of Penola.

    Coonawarra Experiences is built on our experience as a visitor, focusing on what we enjoy when visiting a wine region.
    Kerry and Simon Meares, Coonawarra Experiences

    Simon and Kerry's love for their chosen home is fundamental to their business; they have a genuine connection with the community and a focus on building partnerships with local businesses rather than competition.

    Thanks to their close relationships with incredible local winemakers, restauranteurs, producers and accommodation providers, guests of Coonawarra Experiences enjoy the warm welcomes, behind-the-scenes tours and access to unexpected hidden gems that you could not find without a fantastic local host.

    Money can't buy this kind of connection, and we believe it's the integral element that lies at the heart of any unforgettable tourism experience.

    We want to take you beyond the guidebook and behind the scenes, and into the heart of authentic experiences.
    Kerry and Simon Meares, Coonawarra Experiences

    The Brand


    • Colourful and organic, abstract creative illustrations

    • The distinctive 'terra rossa' soil of the Limestone Coast

    • Wine country (but not a wine glass)

    • "A slice of life on the Limestone Coast"

    The Website

    • Simple, clean layout with improved navigation

    • Clearly communicate the location with a map on the home page

    • Consistent presentation of tour information, pricing and itineraries

    • Use client testimonials throughout the site for social proof

    • Improve the ability to measure results through analytics, including tracking enquiries, bookings, and revenue

    Play Video
    We get a lot of comments about how professional and clean the website looks. We feel confident and happy sharing it. When we attended ATE (Australian Tourism Exchange) earlier this year, it represented where we were at in our business and it showed that we had grown. It felt like we fit in, that we weren't the little bumbling start up that we were back when we started. We had matured.
    Kerry and Simon Meares, Coonawarra Experiences

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