Branding and Logos

As we say endlessly: 'Your brand is the customer experience'. It's not a logo, colours or a catchphrase. It's the sum of all the touchpoints a customer encounters:

  • Everything they see (logo, social media, emails, brochure, uniforms, vehicles, physical surrounds from foyers to bathrooms and carparks)

  • Everything they hear (customer support line, anything overheard, radio ads, sonic logos)

  • Everyone they meet from your company

  • The product or experience itself

  • How they describe you to their friends

Recent Branding for Tourism Businesses

Brand Strategy Underpins It All

Undergoing a rebrand is a terrific opportunity to step back and take a holistic view of your entire business. During the brand strategy process, we help you evaluate your strengths and uncover the points of differentiation that matter most to your target audience.

Through workshops, surveys and in-depth consultation, we develop a robust strategy to inform your brand identity and define your customer's experience into the future.

Developing Your Logo and Visual Identity

This is the fun part! After the deep dive into your business, audience and market, we develop a creative brief in collaboration with you.

This essential document instructs our design team. We include your stylistic preferences and work with you to refine all your visual elements until we hit the sweet spot. And if you have a lot of people to please? Don't worry – we've got processes to gather feedback or a final vote so you can keep things harmonious with your team.

We get a lot of comments about how professional and clean the website looks. We feel confident and happy sharing it. When we attended ATE (Australian Tourism Exchange) earlier this year, it represented where we were at in our business and it showed that we had grown. It felt like we fit in, that we weren't the little bumbling start up that we were back when we started. We had matured.
Kerry and Simon Meares, Coonawarra Experiences

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