Quality Tourism Websites That Get Results

You have mere seconds to make a great first impression and stop visitors from clicking that Back button to move on to the next website (or cat video).

As a busy tourism business owner, you're flat out running your business. Where can you find the time to learn how to build, optimise and maintain one of your most critical marketing assets – your website?

We will likely be the right fit for you if you know your valuable time is best invested in building your business and looking after your customers and staff. Yet you know that you need a quality website and digital presence to build your brand and your sales.

If that sounds like you, then we may just be the website partner that you're looking for.

Please note though, we will almost certainly disappoint you if you have champagne expectations with a beer budget. There will always be agencies and freelancers who offer a cheaper price but at the same time may not take the time and care that we do. And that's ok. We believe in choice, and we know that we're not the right fit for everyone.

Recent Websites for Tourism Businesses

Since launch our sales have increased by over 100% compared to the same period last year. You guys have really delivered.
James Ravens, General Manager, Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Is your tourism website failing your customers?

To stay ahead of your competition and keep up with customer expectations, there are key questions you need to be regularly asking of your website.

  • Does it work really well on smartphones?

    More than half of Google searches are on mobile. Facebook users are going to websites from Facebook on their smartphone. You're invisible to more than half of the internet if your website fails this most basic test.

  • Are you using great photography?

    Professional quality photography is one of the best marketing investments you can make for your website (and social media and print marketing…)

  • Are you making it EASY to buy/book/order?

    Let's face it, no customer wants to click through 5 screens to give you money! When was the last time you used your website as if you were one of your customers?

  • Are your prices clearly displayed?

    Everyone looks for prices when they're shopping online – especially visitors with a holiday budget. Don't be afraid to show your prices and the context to show why your experience is worth every cent.

  • Is it FAST to load, especially on mobile?

    People have the patience of a mosquito. Your website must be fast and optimised for mobile.

    Run your website through Google's Page Speed tool for a quick and easy analysis. For a more detailed assessment, try two of our favourite testing tools, webpagetest.org and GTMetrix.

  • Do you regularly update your website?

    What kind of message are you sending to a guest who walks through your front door to ask about a booking "I'm sorry, I know you loved that cabin that we have on our website, but unfortunately we knocked it down 3 years ago and it's not available anymore. We just didn't update our website." Oops…

  • Are you monitoring your website performance?

    How do you know if your website is working if you don't measure and analyse the numbers that matter? And, what to do with those numbers is critical to your website success.

    Google Analytics and Google's Webmaster Tools are both free, and should be a mandatory part of the marketing toolkit of every tourism business.

  • Do your marketing campaigns send people to your website?

    We still see businesses updating their website every few years but then doing little to no marketing in between to make the most of their investment. Having a beautiful, working website won't grow your business if you're not attracting people to it.

How does your website stack up?

If you asked your customers, would they think as highly of your website as you do?

We spend every day helping tourism businesses just like yours create and manage websites that meet and exceed their customer's expectations.

Maybe we can help you, too?

Our online bookings have increased significantly since our website launch, and potential visitors who call the park are much better informed than before. WOOF Media exceeded our expectations with our modern and easy to navigate website
Jane Mylchreest, Barossa Tourist Park

What Makes WOOF Media's Tourism Websites Different?

We take care and the time to resolve all the potential problems listed above, and more, so that your customers don't feel frustrated and unloved by your website.

Our websites will work hard for you – increasing sales, growing your customer base and encouraging repeat business.

How Much Do Tourism Websites Cost From WOOF Media?

Our standard tourism website packages start from $5,500.

If you're ready to take a bigger step with your online marketing and want to explore more advanced features, ecommerce, or marketing automations, then we recommend you budget $10,000 and above.

Why such a range?
How can one website cost so much more than the other one?
Don't they all do the same thing?

Well, no. There is no "one size fits all", as much as we (and you) would wish it were that easy!

Everything has a cost - time, opportunity, and $

Your website is a critical part of your tourism marketing toolkit. If the necessary care isn't taken to design and build your website to support your business goals, then we have to ask honestly – is it worth risking your hard-earned cash on the project?

Many professional skills go into creating and managing successful websites—business and industry knowledge, user experience design, copywriting, copyediting, graphic design, website development, conversion optimisation, social media marketing – the list goes on!

Sure, you CAN create a website with none or some of those skills. There are plenty of tools out there to create free and low-cost websites. But, to make them work for your business into the future, you're going to need the TIME to learn the other skills to optimise your website and make it work for you. And then continue learning as technology and consumer habits change (from experience, that's a full time job on it's own!)

All choices do have a cost attached, either now, or later.

Clients who benefit the most from our services invest their valuable time doing what they're good at – building their business and looking after their customers. And they partner with us to do what we're good at – creating quality tourism websites and marketing campaigns that now help them grow their business.

We get a lot of comments about how professional and clean the website looks. We feel confident and happy sharing it. When we attended ATE (Australian Tourism Exchange) earlier this year, it represented where we were at in our business and it showed that we had grown. It felt like we fit in, that we weren't the little bumbling start up that we were back when we started. We had matured.
Kerry and Simon Meares, Coonawarra Experiences

How can we help?

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