Australian Air Safaris – Case Study

Our long-term client, Kirkhope Aviation, is one of the original outback touring companies. With over 40 years of experience, Tony Kirkhope and Keith Siler had become well-known as true outback experts.

Kirkhope Aviation's Melbourne-based team was thriving. Their experienced pilots and agile fleet are able to skillfully service regional, remote and metropolitan locations across Australia, and they were experiencing increasingly strong demand for both touring and charter services.

It became clear that the company was speaking to two very distinct markets and it was time for their brand to reflect it.

A Clear Brand Strategy Supported by Research

Improved Conversions With Refreshed Website

Increased Leads and Sales Growth

The Brief

The brief was to create a new consumer-focused air tours brand. The new brand would live under the umbrella of the master Kirkhope Aviation brand, which would continue to span corporate charter and consumer air tours.

The vision is to grow into a nationally recognised brand for the small group, niche destination experiences which Kirkhope Aviation is currently known for.

Strategy Development

This involved a thorough review of the current brand, operating environment and target audience.

This included:

  • In-depth market research and competitors

  • A workshop with the staff to identify their best customers

  • A survey of their most loyal customers to understand what they love most about the guest experience

  • Positioning of brand personality and values

  • Defining a message hierarchy

I love being in small planes; watching the Earth move beneath me is like reading a new book every time.
- An invaluable insight from a loyal customer.

The Outcome

New Website

Ongoing Marketing Support

Helping our longtime client Kirkhope Aviation to launch their new brand, Australian Air Safaris, was a highlight for us. We congratulate the team on this big milestone.
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