Terms and Conditions

Following are the standard project delivery terms for WOOF Media projects.

Variations applicable to unique projects will be supplied in your initial proposal. Should you have any questions regarding our terms please contact us.

Payment terms

Our payment terms vary from cash on delivery to a 30 day account to approved clients only. In some instances, payment prior to printing is required. Specific terms for your project will be supplied as part of the quote/proposal that you approve prior to starting your project.

Progressive invoices will be issued for projects that exceed 30 days duration. These invoices will be issued at the end of each month for any work completed to that date and are payable 7 days from the invoice date.

We accept cheque, cash, Mastercard, Bankcard, Visa and EFTPOS. Please note, a 2% surcharge applies when making payment by Mastercard, Bankcard and Visa.

Change Requests (author's corrections/AC's)

Change requests will be charged as an additional cost at our quoted hourly rate. Change requests (also called author's corrections) are any requested changes to design, structure or content, which vary from the original brief or are requested after approval of that project stage has been received.

Courier/Freight Charges

Any charges for courier deliveries required will be added to the Client's invoice.

Copyright and Ownership of Outputs

WOOF Media will provide the final finished product to the Client upon completion of the project. Copyright of all graphic design material for the project will remain the property of WOOF Media. WOOF Media will grant a limited copyright license to the Client for use pertaining to the specific project for which the design/solution was developed. If the Client wishes to use the design/solution for additional purposes, they will need to contact WOOF Media prior to commencement of any further work. WOOF Media shall retain intellectual property rights for all programming and source code that we may develop in the course of the project.

Who Owns Copyright Over Design Work Produced by WOOF Media?

By default, WOOF Media will retain copyright over all design/solutions produced by the company. Copyright is all about protection, not only for the originator of the design, but also for the client or purchaser of the design solution or service.

When WOOF Media develops a design solution for a client, it is to meet a specific brief. We work hard to deliver the best possible solution to that original brief and do not proceed until there is a consensus between ourselves and our client that we have achieved this. We are very proud of what we do and we put our all into each and every project.

Retaining copyright over our original designs ensures that the integrity of the original design is maintained, which in turn benefits you, our valued client.

What Are We Paying for When We Purchase Design Services from WOOF Media?

With every project you undertake with WOOF Media, you are buying a specific design solution (excluding fonts and working files). You are also paying for a limited copyright license to use the artwork/design for the original intended purpose. As far as intellectual property (IP) is concerned, WOOF Media retains all rights regarding programming and development of source code, as well as design processes (incorporated in the development of working files). Once again you will be granted a limited license to use the developed IP for the purpose of the intended project.

What if we Require/Want Full Copyright License Over a Design/Solution?

As mentioned above, we are happy to negotiate the handover of copyright, however this will usually attract a significant additional fee, depending on the individual circumstances. Each request for the handover of copyright will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Employees and authorised partners of WOOF Media will not, either during the course of the project or after completion, except as required in the course of their duties, divulge any of the confidential affairs of the Client without prior written consent from the Client.


As a safeguard against heading off in the wrong direction, stringent client approval and sign-off processes exist so that every step of the way the client signs the artwork/visuals to authorise WOOF Media to move on to the next stage of the process.