Chelsea Meaney

| Senior Designer - Publishing

I've worked with WOOF Media full-time since 2007, I'm a senior designer with a focus on publishing and it's been a constant process of professional and personal development. Client relationship building has become central to my role and it's something I really enjoy.

I've been working on Visitor Guides for many years and they have become one of my favourite parts of my job. I love getting to know the advertisers throughout a Visitor Guide sales campaign; hearing their challenges and stories, learning about their destination and helping to come up with solutions to help them. Working on Visitor Guides has helped me to understand the value of client relationships by communicating with clients on a regular basis and understanding not just their business needs but also who they are and their personality. Honesty and trust is really important.

Woof Media Team Chelsea Vietnam 4

I'm not a stranger to travel, my Mum and Dad were both road train drivers up through the middle of Australia and I spent most of my childhood with Mum in the roadtrain seeing the country. As an adult I've really enjoyed travelling within Australia, specifically the north of South Australia and in the Northern Territory. I enjoy the space, the air, the serenity, colours, the people and sense of freedom. I've been lucky enough to travel overseas with Mum, we've spent a lot of time in Asia and America. We love Vietnam and have visited many times, but it's always good to come home.

I'm based full-time in the WOOF Media head office in Port Lincoln, South Australia. I like living in a smaller regional town, you feel like there's room to breathe, you can get anywhere quickly. I'm originally from Two Wells, a rural community north of Adelaide, so regional-town living suits me well.

It's great to work WITH clients not FOR clients.
Chelsea Meaney, Senior Designer (Publishing) WOOF Media