LeeLee West

| Senior Designer - Branding and Illustration

I've been fortunate to work part-time for WOOF Media as an art director and senior designer and have been working with the team since 2017. I'm based on the Fraser Coast in Queensland and this role is also teaching me a great deal about what it's like to work remotely in a team, you learn a lot about yourself along the way.

I've been connected with the tourism industry for about ten years, I worked in Noosa for five years beside a wonderful mentor where I was given the opportunity to dig down into branding and design specifically for the tourism industry. I've been lucky to work beside great mentors, my time with WOOF Media has also helped me step up and grow in branding and also in other areas like web design styling and UI. It's a never-ending learning journey!

Woof Media Team LeeLee 01

I'm an artist at heart and have been drawing since the age of five, I enjoy bringing creative flair and warmth to corporate projects. Art and creative expression positively impacts overall balance, wellbeing and happiness for me, I can't imagine my life without it. I enjoy doing commissions and exhibitions and our home is full of art; there's a drawing corner in every room, even the toilet has art up on the window shelf and it's getting a bit out of hand (but I wouldn't have it any other way). My staffy doesn't mind too much when he gets paint on his tail and my partner is a very patient man.

I love the beach. I'm lucky to live close to it on the Fraser Coast. We're also situated on the right part of the Qld coast, you can swim in our beaches and not get eaten by crocodiles. When I visited Port Lincoln HQ for a team catch up in 2019 I was impressed by the beauty of the wild cliff-edged beaches with crashing waves, they're a stark contrast to the quiet, shallow bay I live in which is protected by K'gari (Fraser Island).

One thing I've noticed that all the WOOF Media team members have in common is passion. They're driven and they care about what they're doing. Plus they're very down to earth. I think it also helps that we all come from a regional background. There is a genuine open door policy as well which makes it easy to jump on a video call and talk about anything you need to.
LeeLee West, Art Director and Senior Designer WOOF Media