Narelle Crack

| Director - Finance and Operations

My 'official' title is Director of Finance and Operations at WOOF Media but I'm not big into titles… I feel much more comfortable introducing myself by saying "I'm part of the WOOF Media team." That's what it's like though, it's a very team-oriented culture.

My journey into the tourism industry happened by chance. I was actually working in a bank for a long while and in the financial industry for years. I even did one of those tests, 'Find Your Ideal Career' and as it turned out I was in it. Life had other plans though and I'm glad to say I've ended up in the right place. I'm able to use financial strengths from years and years of experience within WOOF Media now. I love the people I work with and everyone makes it so easy to come to work everyday.

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It's one of the most positive working cultures I've experienced in my working life.

The Managing Director Peter Freeman and myself support each other with total transparency. With Peter in Thunder Bay in Canada and myself here in Port Lincoln, transparency and communication is absolutely vital and I'm proud of our team and how we conduct ourselves.

I love being based at our main office in Port Lincoln in South Australia. I'm an introvert by nature so I relish in the fact that I can drive a short distance and have a whole beach to myself. I have a son who is enrolled at a university in Adelaide, and he still calls this wonderful seaside regional town home.

When not taking time out to enjoy our beautiful beaches, my spare time is spent volunteering as the Secretary and Referee Co-ordinator for the local basketball association. I also serve on the Council Executive for the SA Country Basketball Association.

WOOF Media team members have shared values and are similar at our core, which helps us to work together so well. We are unique and individual, great work ethic with high standards of ourselves and each other but we also know how to have a good laugh.
Narelle Crack, Director - Finance and Operations WOOF Media