Stephanie Scherz

| Web Developer - Design/Frontend

I've been part of the WOOF Media family since 2018. I'm a web developer with a focus on frontend design - so, if you are thinking about getting a new website built with us, chances are that you will hear from me at some stage. As a passionate traveller, I love supporting tourism businesses and destinations to promote themselves and the great things they have to offer. And to be completely honest, my growing bucket list of places to visit is a more than welcome side effect of my work. 🙂

I was born and raised in Germany. (Now you know where my accent is from.) After completing university, I decided to treat myself to a well deserved year of travel and adventures. So, I packed my bags and equipped with all my knowledge from shows like Blinky Bill, McLeod's Daughters and Crocodile Dundee, I embarked on a life altering journey Down Under. When I stepped off that plane at Sydney Airport in 2014, I had no idea that Australia would become my home country of choice. But one year became two and here we are, many years later.

Flinders Ranges, SA

My first two years in Australia, I spent mostly road tripping around the country, with the occasional "work break" to fill up the travel bank again. I discovered the great outdoors and I was loving it - from meandering through ancient landscapes, to sleeping under a starry night sky, to 4WDing thrills, to driving through remote areas without seeing another person for hours, if not days. I found an unexpected sense of freedom and serenity and fell in love with this sunburned, wide open country.

These days, I live and work in the Adelaide Hills, SA, where I enjoy the perks of quiet country living. One such perk is being "mum" to a small family of much loved and badly spoiled cows whom I've raised from when they were little. They are not so little anymore! In my free time, I like to dabble in drawing and painting and also enjoy a good book. Or I grab my camera and unwind in nature with a good walk.

If WOOF Media was one person, I bet they'd be the type of outgoing person to strike up a conversation with random people, trying to get to know people's stories. They'd be welcoming, easy to get along with and interesting to talk to with stories of their own to share.
Stephanie Scherz, Web Developer (Design/Frontend) WOOF Media