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South Australia to Feature on Snapchat with a Live Story


Exciting times this week for South Aussie tourism businesses who use Snapchat to engage with their customers. You (and everyone else in the state) have the opportunity to contribute your snaps to a … READ MORE >

Gems from the 2016 SA Tourism Industry Conference

Travel accessories - visitor guides and sunglasses

Linda Schubert and I were fortunate to attend the 2016 SATIC Tourism Conference last week at the Hilton International. Fair to say no one in the SA tourism industry has forgotten our "Very Irish … READ MORE >

Social media marketing vs. community management

Social Media Marketing vs Community Management Infographic

The uptake of social media in society has been rapid and there isn't a rule book about "how to do social media right", especially for business owners. There are as many bad examples out there as … READ MORE >

10 questions to ask before marketing in new tourism publications

Long jetty over turquoise bay

Are you overwhelmed with requests to be in every tourism website and print publication going? Can't afford to be in everything, but scared to say no for Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)? It's a common … READ MORE >

Social media trends for 2016…live video…Snapchat…and more!

Social Media Trends 2016

Welcome back folks, and welcome to 2016. May it be a productive and profitable year for you. While you were all enjoying the Christmas/New Year break I was busy trying to keep up with the … READ MORE >

Should you write the content for your tourism website?

Should you write your own website content

You can write for your website, but should you? I often hear people say ‘I’m not a bad writer, I’ll write everything myself and save some money.’ Or, ‘I know my business better than anyone so I’m … READ MORE >

Exciting social media campaign launched for Port Lincoln

Koby Bates at Memory Cove, Port Lincoln (@seeportlincoln)

Get on board our exciting social media campaign with #portlincoln and promote Port Lincoln and your business! What is the campaign all about? This is a joint initiative between The Port Lincoln … READ MORE >

Low Australian dollar spells opportunity for tourism

INCOMING 1200x627 FB ad

I went to America earlier this year. I waited until the dollar was around 76 cents and I felt the pain of that ordinary exchange rate for three weeks – and beyond when we had to pay off the trip. And … READ MORE >

You can’t make sales with Facebook. Fact or fiction?

woman holding smartphone confused by social media marketing

Someone told me the other day that you won't make any sales with Facebook. Hmmm. If this is true, then why are companies like: Myer, Country Road, Xero, Ikea, Sportscraft, Target, all … READ MORE >