The Best Tourism TikTok Accounts

The Best Tourism TikTok Accounts

Is it really mindlessly scrolling or are we simply researching our next holiday? 

Navigating TikTok can be a little bit of a minefield, avoiding the trending dances that you may pull a muscle if you tried, seeing how the other half live with their pantry organisation or finding your way into the trend of interviewing random people on the street. But if there's one place that we'd be happy scroll away our evenings in, it's #traveltok.

We've pulled together a list of our favourite tourism Tiktok accounts to get your For You page filled with travel inspo.

South Australia is challenging the (very undeserved) stereotype that it's the "boring state" with epic montages and hidden gems wracking up millions of views. We love that they're not afraid to get amongst trends and chat to their audience.

@southaustralia Don’t @ us that we are just a city full of churches 👋🏻 #southaustralia #adelaide #eyrepeninsula #fyp ♬ Memories - Lux-Inspira

Queensland does a fantastic job of showing off their vast state–they're absolutely pumping out content as well. If you look closely you can see the strategy of trying to entice international visitors as well, especially backpackers.

We're sticking on the Queensland train for a hot second here because Visit Brisbane is determined to make us all fall in love! With the Olympic Games being hosted in Brisbane in 2032, they're making sure everyone knows why!

Singapore is using TikTok to get to its younger audiences, and they've taken that one step further by getting Charlie Puth involved! We love that this partnership is shot for vertical videos, and edited with a bit of spice.

@visit_singapore Can you guess what note a kopi cup makes? @Charlie Puth #SingapoReimagine ♬ original sound - Visit Singapore

Savaya Beach Club in Bali is ensuring that they're on everyone's list when they go to Bali. From sundowner cocktails to evenings spent with international talent like Jason Derulo. They're capturing it all.

Seoul Tourism know's that the BTS (and K-Pop) fan base is strong on TikTok and they're taking advantage of that. Their videos also have English subtitles, allowing them to hit the international markets.

In a surprise to no one, Las Vegas is absolutely killing the content game with over 1m followers! They're not afraid to get a bit cheeky and their followers love them for it.

Sacramento History Museum has risen to TikTok fame creating content with their volunteers. Fan favourite, Howard, can be found doing traditional letter pressing and just generally melting the hearts of TikTok.

SeaWorld Orlando is taking you behind the scenes for adorable animals, fun rides and food!  Just look at this adorable baby manatee 🥺

@seaworldorlando It’s lunch time for this orphaned baby manatee….we know and you’re welcome 🥰 #SeaWorldOrlando #SeaWorldRescue #fyp #manatee ♬ original sound - SeaWorldOrlandoOfficial

It doesn't take a lot to make people fall in love with London, but the insider's guide of this incredible city is one of the things we love most about this account.  All you have to do is scroll their feed, and you will have your London hit-list overflowing.

Morocco Tourism's feed is filled with colour and adventures that makes you want to get on the next plane!  We love to see that they are also using their TikTok to educate their followers on their incredible culture.

@visit_morocco_ If you're looking for exceptional gifts to bring back with you from Morocco, these traditional handmade products will do the trick 😍 #visitmorocco #travel #traveltiktok #travellife ♬ Having fun - Official Sound Studio

Hotel Hubert is creating beautiful content that is earning them millions of views.  We'd love to see their tone of voice change to be a little more premium, but the reality is it's likely written in their second language–so who are we to judge!  With The Dolomites as your background, it's hard to go wrong!

Have you ever heard of Aarhus? Well 43k+ people on TikTok have! The second largest city in Denmark is making sure that Copenhagen isn't the only Danish city on people's minds.

Honourable mention: Ryan Air

Honestly, we would love to see the guidelines given to the social team at Ryan Air because well... it doesn't seem like there are any and we love it.  RyanAir is well known across social media for their fantastic sense of humour and their TikTok is no different.  Whether they're calling people out for complaining or suggesting to people in the comments that they should email their boss for a raise, they bring so much humour.

Their tone of voice isn't for everyone, but it is certainly working for them.

Are you wondering if TikTok is for your tourism business? We'd love to have a chat to you about harnessing your current content, and creating new content for this powerhouse of an app.

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