Out and About: Lady Elliot Island

With our distributed team living and working from many different destinations, we’ll be interrupting our blog occasionally to share some of our very favourite places. Enjoy!

There’s no such thing as ‘I can’t do it’ at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort… there’s only a resounding ‘When in Rome!’ declaration. As soon as you step off the plane, whether you’re there for a day trip, an evening or few, there’s a strong undercurrent that our beautiful environment and time is precious and they must be respected. When you’re on Lady Elliot Island the former comes first by a mile and the latter disappears entirely.

Left to right: LeeLee West, Michael Smith and Emma Bannerman enjoying Lady Elliot Island

Memories of my recent trip to LEI will keep me bouyant next time I need a pick-me-up. I’ll remember being with my close mates Michael Smith and Emma Bannerman, and I’ll recall the feeling of snorkelling on the West side of the island at Coral Gardens for the first time and the incredible sensation of ‘flying’ 2O metres above the ground (suspended on the surface of the water).

The view of Lady Elliot Island as the plane circles, getting ready for landing.

I’ll remember turtles gliding right beneath me, little reef sharks going about their business in the depths and I’ll remember a feeling of safety and calm as I listen to the sound of my own breathing through the snorkel. I’ll relish in what it felt like to be totally present and in awe of the changing colours, patterns and marine life making the diverse coral formations their home.

Emma Bannerman enjoying some snacks in between snorkel adventures, pictured at the East side of the island in the shallow protected lagoon. This lagoon is fantastic for swimming with turtles and relaxed snorkeling.

I found myself in a school of bright aqua and blue fish at one stage so I stayed completely still on the surface of the water, breathing slowly.  They suddenly changed direction and flash of brilliant green lit up my retinas and my heart skipped a beat. I haven’t swum in deeper water for a long while and I’ve grown up paddling in the calm, shallow waters of Hervey Bay beaches. I could feel my apprehension creeping up before the trip so when I was there I made a conscious effort to embrace the ‘When in Rome’ philosophy and dive right in. This is easy to do when you’re with like-minded people! As it turns out, nature loves courage (it’s a gem of a quote by Terence McKenna that my friend Emma pointed out to us on the trip, Google it).

Award-winning photographer Michael Smith (Into the Wild Photography) doing what he does best, capturing special moments out in nature.  

Visiting Lady Elliot Island was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I’m grateful to have shared that with wonderful company and I can’t believe it’s only a short 30 minute flight away from Hervey Bay airport. See you soon LEI.

Everyone needs a plane selfie: good mates Emma Bannerman, Michael Smith and LeeLee West