You can't make sales with Facebook. Fact or fiction?

You can't make sales with Facebook. Fact or fiction?

Someone told me the other day that you won't make any sales with Facebook.


If this is true, then why are companies like: Myer, Country Road, Xero, Ikea, Sportscraft, Target, all bothering with Facebook pages and adverts?

Here is Country Road's latest Facebook post. Looks like they are "selling" on Facebook to me…

Country Road Facebook Post

Here's a few more from the brands mentioned above.

Marketing these days is about 'nailing the niche'

The reason smart retailers are using Facebook is because there is NO other marketing medium where you can pinpoint your customer with such laser like accuracy. You can choose who sees your adverts based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Likes
  • Interests
  • Career
  • Location
  • And more...

What other marketing medium allows you to 'nail the niche'?

I hear crickets…

BUT … you have to do it right

Yes, you may not make any sales if you JUST rely on having a Facebook page OR you boost posts thinking that is all you need to do.

(In fact DO NOT waste more of your money by 'boosting posts' without a plan!)

You WILL make sales with Facebook if you:

  • Create a targeted and tested campaign with a suite of adverts - at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.
  • Have an effective online sales process that takes those who are interested and encourages them to act, be it buy, enquire, sign up, etc.

Getting sales with Facebook ads also requires you to have an effective WEBSITE!

Sorry, but there are websites that are an EXPENSE and there are those websites that are an INVESTMENT. WOOF Media only does investment websites.

Social media is one tool in these companies marketing toolkit. You can't afford to ignore it and you’d be silly to.

And if you think Facebook is the only option you have online, you'd be gravely mistaken …

Who is that local business with 13.7k followers on Instagram?

After first starting out online, she has since built up an amazingly successful bricks and mortar business in Port Lincoln using social media. In ONE YEAR.

She's on Instagram at and on Facebook at

Why is she so successful with social media marketing?

Probably a variety of reasons.

She sells quality products, her target market is on social media, she executes her online marketing with captivating images, she engages with her audience, she's natural and personable in her communications AND she has a website that is set up for online sales.

Never mind she is young, and new to business!

Way to go Rylee Watson of Little S & Co. You rock!

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