Consumers have ruined everything!

Consumers have ruined everything!

They've become unpredictable.

They've changed their media consumption habits.

They are a marketer's nightmare.

What can you do about it?

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We (businesses and marketers) must learn and adapt

Consumers are in charge!

They obtain content when they want, using mediums of their choice. Therefore the more we know about their media choices, the more productive our marketing expenditure will be.

Media consumption has become complicated and the internet is disrupting traditional media.

No news there!

Audiences are becoming fragmented with so many media and entertainment choices.

This means you need to be clear on who your customers are and which mediums they are on. Or, you will waste your marketing budget.

Traditional media is not necessarily being replaced, but rather is being used differently.

Case in point: how many of you are using your laptop or smartphone while you are watching TV?

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So what are YOUR customers up to?

Well, they are consuming new and traditional media.

Why aren't you, too?

But to do it well, you have to do it right.

Here are the latest trends*.

TV and newspaper consumption trends

  • TV consumption is down a little but still some 93% watch TV in an average week.
  • Print is down a little but still some 85% read something in print.
  • Local newspapers are LOVED in regional centres.
  • Generally newspapers are struggling as they are no longer being subsidised by advertisers
  • Plus, people are increasingly getting their news via … Facebook!
  • Internet is mainstream across all ages, but further growth is expected in the 65+ age group.
  • TV is losing younger audiences, with viewing dropping off in the 18-34 age group.
  • The average Australian spends around 18 hours a week on internet. 13 hours of which is leisure.
  • While online, we can do all the things we used to do offline: watch TV or video, hear radio/music, read newspapers or magazine content – and talk to friends.
  • 14 – 24 year olds spend just 12.5 hours on TV and a massive 27.6 hours on the internet per week. Of which, 22 hours is leisure. Sign of things to come!
  • TV is still a significant advertising medium (31% of advertising expenditure), but so is the internet (34%). No surprise there.
  • Channel 7 is watched more than any other station at the moment, and is ahead of Facebook and YouTube.
  • Facebook and YouTube are HUGE! Over 56% of Australians are on Facebook and it is growing.

* Source: Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 21 (June 2015)

Traditional advertising works well when combined with online marketing

  • Over 50% of a typical, local population are on Facebook.
  • Contrary to popular belief, "old media" (print, TV, radio) is not dying.
  • Whilst there have been declines, traditional media has a place if used in conjunction with your online presence.
  • Use traditional media to send people to a specially designed 'landing page' on your website which has been designed to convert them to sales.
  • Always include that landing page url on your TV/print/radio advertisement.
  • Share your TV advert on YouTube and Facebook. Even better, use Facebook advertisements to promote your TV advert.
  • Invest in paid Facebook advertising but, to avoid wasting your time and money with DIY (not to mention trying to keep up with Facebook's constant changes), consider getting professional help.

How do you save time and money in your marketing?

First, you must plan your marketing to connect with your target customer's needs. Then implement your campaigns systematically using tools like tracking URLs and analytics to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Only then will you discover what's working, and what's not, and how best to spend your marketing $$.

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