Exciting social media campaign launched for Port Lincoln

Exciting social media campaign launched for Port Lincoln

Get on board our exciting #portlincoln social media campaign and promote Port Lincoln and your business!

What is the campaign all about?

This is a joint initiative between The Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce & Tourism, the City of Port Lincoln and WOOF Media with the support of local photographer, Robert Lang. Our goal is to get extra exposure for Port Lincoln as a desirable and exciting tourism destination by using social media; specifically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

To succeed, we need your help, too!

It's easy. Simply encourage your customers (local and others) to take fantastic photos of the town, its surrounds, and their experiences and tag them with #portlincoln.

How do you get involved?

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Stuck for ideas? Try these:

  • Create table toppers or other suitable signage with both #portlincoln and your social media handles (eg. @yourbusinessname). Encourage guests/visitors/patrons to photograph, tag and post their pics (they're going to take the photo anyway, so why not get some free exposure!)
  • Create a photo opportunity at or near your business that incorporates the #portlincoln hashtag. e.g. like Port Lincoln YHA have done with their in-house shark cage.

What does it cost to be involved?


If you decide NOT to encourage people to tag their images with your company brand, BUT why would you miss out on this opportunity to promote both yourself AND the town/region/state?

How will this campaign be promoted?

The Port Lincoln Visitor Guide will be a major tool used to promote the #portlincoln campaign with images taken at key spots in the town using the #portlincoln signs.

WOOF Media will create a series of social media posts / ads / videos / enewsletters to encourage businesses and visitors alike to get on board.

We hope traditional media take this opportunity to promote a campaign that will benefit all of Port Lincoln.

How will this hashtag campaign help my business?

Say a photo is posted to Instagram with these hashtags: #portlincoln #seeaustralia #southaustralia.

Then, it's shared by one of these tourism destination accounts, eg:

Instantly, a photo with your company brand and Port Lincoln has a HUGE audience. At no cost to you!

Ultimately, if we're all helping promote the town together, more people will visit. Then everyone benefits, directly and indirectly.

How important are social media images to tourists?

Research from Tourism Australia shows:

  • 88% said the page had influenced their plans to travel more around Australia.
  • 91% of international respondents said @Australia inspired them to find out more about Australia as a holiday destination.
  • 87% of international respondents saying the content made them more likely to travel to Australia.
  • 43% of international respondents said they were currently planning a trip to Australia.

Want to learn more about hashtags for tourism?

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