Accommodation Website: Seascape Retreat Luxury Villas

Accommodation Website: Seascape Retreat Luxury Villas

Before and After

When the wonderful team who make up Seascape Retreat approached us about working on a rebrand and new website, we instantly knew this would be a project we loved.

The brief was to bring Seascape Retreat's brand up to the level that reflects the accommodation itself. Beautiful, calming, connected to nature and modern.

Our team worked with Mark and Madeleine to reimagine the brand and tone of voice, the website, and all of the copy. So now we're here, with a brand new look, feel and website. A website that is a breeze to use, copy that makes you excited to book, and a brand that feels like it belongs.

The 'why' behind the changes

Are you interested in some of the strategic decisions behind the scenes to create a website that reflects Seascape Retreat's new brand and appeals to its audience? Read on.

  • Light Tones & Background

    By moving away from the clinical white background of the old website, we brought the beautiful earthy tones whilst still letting the imagery of the accommodation be at the forefront of the website.

  • A Feeling of Peace

    A stay at Seascape Retreat is about slowing down, feeling connected with the land and leaving your worries behind. We wanted the guests' experience with Seascape Retreat to feel calming and accessible from the moment they engaged with the website. We're also setting the guest's expectations up from the beginning; this isn't a party hotel like the W Hotel or QT Hotels; it's a retreat to nature. For guests who haven't been to visit you before, they need you to set the scene of what to expect - you know your brand, but they still need to!

  • Minimalist Copy

    Rather than using as many words as possible to try and cheat Google's SEO Crawling (a game you'll never win!), we created guest-centric copy that strategically integrated keywords. When future Seascape Retreat guests are planning their trip, they have all the information they need without reading for (what feels like) hours. On top of that, we created a tone of voice that aligns with the brand.

  • Visual Content First

    Let's be honest: when we dream of a getaway, we seek visual inspiration. So, we created a website layout that allowed the photos to shine. Guests can now picture themselves there. All the information is readily available for them, but we focussed on making them fall in love with the idea of being at the property first.

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