Social media trends for 2016…live video…Snapchat…and more!

Social media trends for 2016…live video…Snapchat…and more!

Welcome back folks, and welcome to 2016.

May it be a productive and profitable year for you.

While you were all enjoying the Christmas/New Year break I was busy trying to keep up with the dynamic world of social media by reading countless blogs and listening to podcasts by the 'experts' predicting what is ahead in 2016. Quite honestly I couldn't believe these people didn't take a break over Christmas, instead they were flat out in the LinkedIn blogosphere, with their predictions, vlogs, blogs and pods. Which meant I had to read them all instead of eating christmas pudding.

So... here is a snapshot of what I learnt:

Video and live streaming is going off!

Video consumption grew in 2015. Expect this to continue on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Periscope, and other live streaming video apps that give audiences real time viewing, is expected to grow. Locally, Calypso Star Charters are all over it with a live underwater shark dive with Periscoper, Mitch Oates in December last year. It's all about viewing it as it happens and the groovers of today want to be the first to see it, not watch a replay with the grandparents.

Mitch Oates Underwater Periscope

And, hot off the press: Periscope live videos can now be viewed live right from Twitter. Why is this great? Well, anyone on Twitter can watch your broadcast right from Twitter. No need to download a new app to watch your broadcast!

Task: think about what your business is doing that could be live streamed.

Facebook ads: use your CTA

"Call to action" (CTA) buttons on Facebook adverts, which started in 2015, are a must-have. Data indicates conversion rates of up to 2 times greater than adverts without CTA buttons. By 'call to action buttons' I mean buttons on adverts that say: Shop now, Learn more, Sign up, Book now, Download.

Task: check CTAs on your FB adverts, like those shown below.

Facebook Ad Examples 2

No Facebook adverts? Maybe you better talk to us about Facebook advertising.

Keeping Audiences Captive

In the past social media was used to drive traffic back to your website. In the future, marketers will need to be using social media platforms as an end in themselves. Facebook in particular strives to keep users on their site rather than have you "popping over" to an external website.

This is certainly true of newspapers. If you following a daily on Facebook, chances are you rarely have to go to their app or website. It all comes to you in your newsfeed.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will take hold even more. People trust what influencers say about brands more than they trust what the brand says about itself! Nothing new here. Word of mouth has always been 'the bomb'. Check out Lauren Bath, Chef, turned photographer, Instagrammer, traveller and influencer with over 450k followers on Instagram.

Task: find out who your company could use as an Influencer to gain extra exposure for your products and services.

Quality over quantity

Unless you are an Influencer, chasing a large following on social media for numbers sake is redundant. Getting quality followers who engage, advocate and buy, is where it is at, and always has been.

And forget buying likes and followers. They are not going to engage.

Pay to play or miss out

Pay to play is here to stay. If you don't want to pay to be part of social media, chances are your competitors are, and you will miss out.

Measurability is essential

Social media experts are all about measurement and ROI and that is the beauty of internet marketing – if you set up your digital activities correctly, you can measure the results of your efforts. This really keeps the beancounters happy.

But don't sacrifice creativity for measurability either. Sometimes creativity cannot be measured but it doesn't mean it should be sacrificed.

Trust your gut.

Snapchat the "new" kid on the block

Snapchat is the latest social media tool that marketers are eyeing off, although in internet and social media terms, it's "old", having been around since 2011!

It is the preferred tool of choice for MANY young people, so if that is your market ... you better learn Snapchat stat. Here is an awesome video which explains all!

Play Video

Business to business marketing is on the social media radar

B2B is apparently an area that Facebook and Twitter will be targeting in 2016. Yay for us! More on this as it unfolds over the year.

So there you have it. You are up to date. For this week!

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! And, if you found this helpful, please share on your favourite social media channel.

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